5 Easy Craft Items You Can Make In Under Five Minutes

If you are into arts and crafts and love to do creative things, then you should try different types of interior designing crafts in order to make your house look more aesthetic and appealing.

The handmade crafts not only add to the beauty of a place but also hold an emotional value as you have made them with your own hands. There are many types of things that you can make by using simple and easily available stuff. We have compiled a list of a few things that you can easily make at home as your do-it-yourself project. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

1. Tissue Rolls

Tissue rolls can be a bit expensive if you buy them from a supermarket. If you want to save some money on tissue rolls, you can make these tissue rolls at home and use the loose tissue with that roll.

You will need to buy paper cores in order to make a tissue roll from scratch. You will also need scissors and a strong glue stick to make the roll. Paper cores come in different types of materials and you can choose the materials that best suit your requirements.

2. Watch Holders

Next, we have watch holders. It is very easy to make a watch holder with the help of a box that is about the size or bigger in size than the size of the watch you were going to use it for.

And you can use this box to gift antique pocket watches to people you love. You will need to decorate the box in accordance with your likes and style. You will also want to use a cushion made up of velvet clothes to keep inside the box where the watch will sit. You can also put trimmed paper inside the box to add to its aesthetics.

3. Book Marks

Bookmarks can serve as the best gift for a person who loves to read and talk about literature. You can easily make bookmarks at your home by using just a few things.

Sometimes all you need is a color paper and a pen. You can make an origami bookmark and give it to the person you have made it for. You can use different types of color markers on the final bookmark to make it look cute and appealing from the outside.

4. An Envelope

Another thing you can make by using just colored paper is an envelope. You can write different types of motivational and love notes on pieces of paper and enclose them all in an envelope that will be made and decorated by you.

5. A Charity Box

Lastly, if you want to make something with your children that will not only improve their creativity but will also instill moral values in them, you can make a charity box with them. You can use a premade box, cover it with pattern paper and label it as a charity box.

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