India National Cricket Team Vs. England Cricket Team: Match Scorecard Analysis


India Vs. England Cricket Matches Are Usually Exciting, Full Of Fierce Rivalry And Special Moments. An In-Depth Review Of A Recent Cricket Match Between The England And India National Teams Can Be Found In This Guide. The Match Scorecard, Standout Performances, Pivotal Moments, And Overall Effect On The Series Or Tournament Will All Be Dissected.

Overview Of The Match:

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• Comprehensive Scorecard

India In The First Innings:

Batter Runs Balls; 4 Or 6 Second Strike Rate:

Riet Sharma78~101~9~1~77.22

Shubman Gill 45, 63, 5, 0, 71, 43.

Virat Kohli 112, 119, 11, 2, 94.12

Rahul KL (Week) 56,67,6, 1 83.58

Pandya Hardik 29 24 2 2 120.83

Jadeja Ravindra 18 15 1 0 120.00

Shardul Thakur $150.00 $12.18.1

Mohammed Shami $5,40,000.00

Bumrah Jasprit 3 5 0 0 60.00

Yadav Kuldeep 1* 1 0 0 100.00

DNB Yuzvendra Chahal – – – –

In Total, 359 50.0 – – –

England Bowls:

Economy Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets:

Chris Woakes 10.1, 54, 2, 5.40

Jofra Archer 10.068, 0.681, 6.80

Mark Wood10 0 62 2 6.20

Adil Rashid

Moeen Ali 10.1.68 10.1.68

England’s Second Innings:

Batter Runs Balls; 4 Or 6 Second Strike Rate:

Jason Roy 55, 47, 7, 1 (177.02)

Jonny Bairstow 73.607, 50.802, 112.677

Joe Root 39.59% 49.59% 79.59

Eoin Morgan, (C) 82.77-

89.66 Ben Stokes 26 29 3

Jos Buttler, Workweek 48, 32, 5, 1 150.00

19 Curran 14 2 1 135.71

Christopher Woakes 14* 10 1 1 140.00

Jofra Archer8* 6* 1 0 133.33

Mark Wood DNB- – – –

Adil Rashid DNB- – – –

In Total, 364 49.2 – – –

India Bowls:

Economy Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets:

Jasprit Bumrah 10. 0 74 2 7.40

Mohammed Shami 10.068,

Shardul Thakur 10.082, 0.82, 3.80

Jadeja Ravindra10 0 64 1 6.40

Yadav Kuldeep 9.2 0 69 2 7.39

Important Results:

Highlights Of Batting:

Virat Kohli (India): With 112 Runs Off 119 Balls, Kohli Provided A Fantastic Century To Lead The Innings.

Having Taken Early Wickets: England’s Eoin Morgan (82 Runs Off 78 Balls) Stabilized The Innings And Was A Vital Component Of The Chase.

England’s Jonny Bairstow: Boasted An Aggressive 73 Off 60 Balls To Set The Tone For The Chase.

Highlights Of Bowling:

Adil Rashid (England): At An Economy Of 7.60, He Claimed Three Significant Wickets, Including Important Middle-Order Batsmen.

Shardul Thakur (India): Took Three Wickets And Made Vital Breakthroughs When Needed.

Moments Of Transition:

1. Kohli’s Century: With His Steady Century, Virat Kohli Made Sure That India Had A Lofty Goal. His Collaboration With KL Rahul Was Essential.

2. Bairstow And Roy’s Opening Stand: England Had A Strong Foundation Thanks To Bairstow And Roy’s Aggressive Start.

3. Thakur’s Late Wickets: India Was Able To Re-Enter The Game Because To Shardul Thakur’s Middle-Overs Breakthroughs, But It Was Eventually Insufficient.

Total Effect:

Sequence/Tournament Situation:

There Were Major Ramifications From This Match For The Series And Tournament Standings. Both Teams’ Performances Emphasized Their Strong Points And Areas For Development, Laying The Groundwork For An Interesting Matchup In The Coming Games.


The Cricket Match Between India And England Included Amazing Individual Exploits, Clever Gameplay, And Exhilarating Performances. Even Though England Prevailed In A Fiercely Contested Match, Both Sides Showed Extraordinary Talent And Sportsmanship. This Thorough Scorecard Analysis Sheds Light On The Crucial Moments, Standout Performances, And Match Dynamics That Influenced The Result. Comprehending These Components Not Only Improves The Spectacle But Also Heightens The Understanding Of The Intricacies And Thrill Of Cricket.

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