Gujarat Titans Vs. Mumbai Indians: Match Scorecard Analysis


The Indian Premier League (IPL) Matchup Between The Gujarat Titans And Mumbai Indians Is Always Eagerly Awaited Because It Promises Fierce Competition, Clever Strategy, And Memorable Performances. This In-Depth Guide Examines The Specifics Of A Recent IPL Encounter Between The Gujarat Titans And Mumbai Indians, Scoringcard, Player Contributions, Pivotal Moments, And Overall Effect On The Rankings.

Overview Of The Match:

Time And Place:

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• Titans Of Gujarat
• Indians In Mumbai

Comprehensive Scorecard:

Gujarat Titans In The First Innings:

Batter Runs Balls; 4 Or 6 Second Strike Rate:

Jos Buttler, Workweek 65, 45, 9 1, 144.44

Jason Roy 42, 30 (6) 1, 140

Rashid Khan 267.167.313.381 164.71

Glenn Maxwell39 25 4 2 156.00

Priyam Garg 11.0116.677

Pandya Hardik 18 10 2 1 180.00

Sundar, Washington 9 6 1 0 150.00

Kumar Bhuvneshwar5 3 1 0 166.67

Sandeep Inder4 2 1 0 200.00

Rashid Khan [2*] [0 0 0 200.00

Shreyas Iyer, DNB (C)- – – –

In Total, 237 20.0 – – –

Mumbai Indians Bowling:

Runs Wickets Bowler Overs Economy:

Jasprit Bumrah 1 6.25 4 25

Trent Boult 4 40 0 10

Rahul Chahar

Krunal Pandya   4  36 1 9.00

31.12.5 Nathan Coulter-Nile 445

Mumbai Indians In The Second Innings:

Batter Runs Balls; 4 Or 6 Second Strike Rate:

The C. Rohit Sharma 88 58 10 3 151.72

Ishan Kishan (Wk) 213.25 42, 32, 4

Yadav Suryakumar 35 28 3 1 125.00

Hardik Pandya 18* 8.1

Kieron Pollard *11* 6* 1* 183.33

DNB Krunal Pandya- – – –

DNB Jayant Yadav- – – –

DNB’s Nathan Coulter-Nile- – – –

Trent Boult DNB- – – –

DNB Jasprit Bumrah- – – –

Rahul Chahar DNB- – – –

Overall 237/3 20.0 – – –

Gujarat Titans Bowling:

Runs Wickets Bowler Overs Economy:

Rashid Khan 0 0 7.50 4 30

Pandya Hardik 3 42 0 14.00

Sundar, Washington 4 45 1 11.25

Sandeep Inder 4  52 1 13.00

Kumar Bhuvneshwar 4 47  1  11.75

Important Results:

Highlights Of Batting:

Jos Buttler (Gujarat Titans): Set The Tone For The Innings With A Solid Opening Performance Of 65 Runs Off 45 Balls.

Mumbai Indians’ Rohit Sharma: Spearheaded The Chase With An Astounding 88 Runs Off 58 Balls, Including Several Significant Sixes And Boundaries.

Nathan Coulter-Nile (Mumbai Indians): Made An Impact In The Chase With A Brief Cameo (11* Off 6 Balls) And With The Ball (3 Wickets).

Highlights Of Bowling:

Nathan Coulter-Nile (Mumbai Indians): Put Pressure On The Gujarat Titans Batting Lineup By Taking Three Crucial Wickets.

Rahul Chahar (Mumbai Indians): Helped Limit The Opposition With Two Crucial Wickets And A Bow That Was Economical.

Moments Of Transition:

Jos Buttler’s Innings: The Gujarat Titans Gained Early Momentum Thanks To Buttler’s Aggressive Innings, Which Raised The Total To A Respectable Number.

Rohit Sharma’s Effort: Mumbai Indians Led From The Front And Kept Control Of The Chase Thanks To The Captain’s 88-Run Effort.

Nathan Coulter-Nile’s All-Round Performance: The Mumbai Indians’ Successful Chase Was Greatly Aided By Coulter-Nile’s Efforts With The Bat And The Ball.

Total Effect:

IPL Leaderboards And Mood:

Regarding The IPL Standings, Momentum, And Confidence Of Both Teams Moving On In The Competition, This Game Was Crucial. With The Win, Mumbai Indians Strengthened Their Position, While Gujarat Titans Would Look To Recover In The Next Games.


The Gujarat Titans Vs Mumbai Indians Match Featured Exciting Cricket Action, Memorable Moments, And Cunning Moves. Deeper Understanding Of The Game Dynamics Can Be Gained By Examining The Match Scorecard, Significant Player Contributions, And Critical Moments. The Ability, Tenacity, And Resolve Exhibited By Both Teams Made For An Exciting Show For Cricket Fans Everywhere. Comprehending These Components Enhances The Admiration For The Sport And The IPL’s Spirit Of Competition.

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